The Top 5 Reasons People FAIL at Weight Loss


    1. Saying “Can’t” instead of “Don’t.” Did you recently say the words, “I can’t eat…or I can’t drink” at a meal? When someone says “can’t” the words are inviting debate from others and taking away your power to succeed. For example, I personally have not had a soda to drink in 5 years. When I would say, “I can’t drink pop.” People would argue that there are no calories in diet pop and offer their opinions on the subject. I hold nutrition certifications and I know the damage drinking even diet pop will do to my nutritional goals so I was able to hold up my end of the debate. However, the easiest fix is saying these words, “I don’t drink (pop.) Change your can’t into a don’t and give the power back to you. Every time you say those words you are affirming your decision until it will become part of you. I don’t even think about “not being able” to have pop, instead I choose water and move on.154
    2. The Unattainable Goal. If you are reading this from your couch and you don’t exercise on a daily basis, deciding to run the next marathon may not be the best choice to hit your weight loss goals. However, setting up a fitness plan such as I am going to walk every day this week or I am going to try that awesome Little Black Dress Workout with Amy 😉 is setting you up for success instead of failure. Large goal = large reason to quit. Small goals will lead to bigger success overall and a lifetime of better health.classpic
    3. Going it alone. Everything is easier with a friend. If there is no one that will “call you out” when you skip your workout it is easier to not go. Find a friend that has recently posted on fb about his/her favorite class. Of course, they are Game On Fitness classes 😉 Or grab your mom, your child, your spouse and ask if they are interested in joining you in “Pairs Personal Training.” It is easier to remember the workouts with 2 of you and harder to bail out on your 1704scheduled session when your friend is counting on you to split the cost and share the sweat! No worries if you don’t have the courage to buddy up, pick a personal trainer that wants to see you succeed. If I see a client needs a little help, I will be his or her partner during the workout. I love getting on the TRX straps or doing yoga with my clients. BEST JOB EVER
    4. Obsession with watching the scale. I GET IT. Weight loss = pounds lost. Your body needs a minute to adjust to a new fitness and nutrition routine. You will lose pounds at first, but then your body will hit a plateau. Read my blog on September 10, 2015 to see more on fitness plateaus. Here is the good news, if you are exercising during your weight loss journey you are still building lean muscle and getting rid of unwanted fat. This attributes to inches loss. Smaller Screenshotsizetagsizes heading your way!
    5. Unrealistic Time Frame. I know there is that big Birthday coming up…or the wedding where you may see all your old friends. I also know that swimsuit season is right in front of us. Make your weight loss journey a success. If you try and lose 40 lbs by your 40th Birthday next month, you may be disappointed. Instead, make your goal to put on the jeans that are too tight in your closet and have them fit. Or like one of my favorite personal training clients found out recently, she had to go shopping for new clothes. She even sent me the picture of the tag! Happy shopping!


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Studios are for the pretty people. I have to agree.

BET_1860 BET_0787 BET_0828 BET_0433 brimeyer BET_6153 IMG_20150305_053742 yoga handstandkids lbdclassyogawineside

My studio is full of people who are beautiful inside and out. These people work their tails off to be fit and exercise every chance they get. 

I opened my studio so that I had a place that was not intimidating… A place where I could go to exercise and teach other people how to exercise. This place is where I sweat like an athlete. This place is where I grunt with fatigue when I’ve hit my ultimate limit and I pushed beyond it. This beautiful studio is where clients cry because they’ve moved themselves more than they ever thought they could. This absolutely beautiful place is where I have found my authentic self and I know many of my clients have done the same.

These people are not only my clients they have become my friends. These clients/friends actually have become my family.  When classes are over and I’m busy on the computer helping someone, these beautiful people are talking to my children. These beautiful people are making sure they find the new person that is trying a class and ask them how their workout was and telling them what class to try next. I even see these beautiful people wiping down my equipment while I am helping someone else. 

So is my studio full of beautiful people? Absolutely!  These amazingly beautiful people are the reason I love my job. These absolutely beautiful people text me when I’m sick and ask me if I’m OK. So yes, we have absolutely beautiful people at my studio and I would not change anything about that fact. 

For those of you that are at my studio with me … thank you for being so beautiful. And for those of you that are ready to join me at Game On Fitness, be prepared to find your inner beauty.  It’s that smile that is created through hard work, realizing that your body is meant to move.  It comes at that moment when you move from your level I exercises that you have been performing for years to your level II and maybe even your level III. That beautiful moment will hit you when you see your little one in the mirror smiling from ear to ear when he is moving his body like you have shown him how to do.  There is no greater moment of beauty for me than watching my daughter and son practice yoga with me. 

Come join all the beautiful people… Just be prepared to be beautiful too! Game on!


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taylormndgroup taylormnd mndglow MND   Taylor vball

Fortitude is the willingness to confront uncertainty. Uncertainty comes when you don’t know the outcome of an upcoming situation.  It can be scary to say the least.  However, being prepared for the uncertainty by training, focusing, and trusting in your abilities is where the champions prevail.

On Saturday 11/14 my niece and her high school volleyball team are playing their final game to go for the State Title. I coached my niece and some of the players when they played volleyball in elementary school.   We did yoga before our big championship games even when they were 9 and 10 years old.  Some of the players onmndpep this team have been in my studio for athletic training with me.   I once wore the Mount Notre Dame high school volleyball jersey too.  In fact, my niece is wearing the same number on her chest that I had on mine and my sister had before me.

I hosted a glow yoga party to get the girls mentally as well as physically ready to move toward their final step. I hope they play the best game of their lives.  I hope they cherish the moments with their team.  I hope they forever know that I will cherish all of the practices, sessions, and little moments that I have had with them and most importantly…

I hope they take the love of fitness with them wherever their lives take them.  Game On!



Move your body because you can…

mom a hope mom and dad 157

My mother was my fitness inspiration. I watched her play soccer in her 40’s, dance at every wedding, and park her car in a parking lot far away so we could walk farther to the store.  She didn’t know it at the time, but she was without a doubt my hero.

She attended my fitness classes when she could and she found every opportunity to exercise. I would watch her when I was very little brush her teeth while doing calf raises.  She was my inspiration.

She was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago and it hit her hard. She went from dancing to not being able to walk to the kitchen.  She passed 6 months to the day she was diagnosed.

Today I often repeat these words in fitness classes, “Move your body, because you can.” Today I invite you to move.  Get out of your routine, your comfort zone, and move.  Embrace the journey.


Game On!


Bonding Through Fitness

yoga flow taylormnd taylormndgroup yogawineside

Recently I  had an opportunity to host two different parties. One was for high school athletes getting ready to prepare for a state bound volleyball game and the other was a yoga and wine party. Both parties we decided to do yoga and of course lots of fun events in between.   Something surprising happened on both nights…laughter during yoga. Now this isn’t the forced “Laughing Yoga” class or people making fun of one another or their awesome instructors. 😉 Instead, when they were holding poses and starting to move, it led to a little bit of happiness.  It was as if they were bonding while trying something new.   At first I was worried that the yoga wouldn’t be effective with laughter… but as I looked around the room, I noticed the smiles, happiness, and the fun that came out of trying something new.  When we moved to Shavansa (Corpse Pose) everyone began to find their center… Especially the girls preparing for their big game and the end of their high school career.

For me it was a deeper bonding with family. My niece was one of the volleyball players. I had coached her years prior in volleyball as well as became her personal trainer. My brother and my significant other both attended my yoga and wine party. It was the first time they were able to see me teach and I was literally moved.

Whether it is boxing in Boot Camp or flowing in yoga exercise is a wonderful way to bond with the ones you love.


Game On!


Am I wearing the wrong shoes for this class?

BET_9723 feet

There is a good chance you are! My fit bit hit over 18,000 steps one day last week.  I literally performed Plyometrics (Jumps), taught TRX, yoga, barre and lifted weights.  Clearly my shoes have to be AMAZING and multifunctional.

Here are some tips on finding the perfect shoe for you:

  1. Group Fitness Class – Cross Training Shoes. Typically they are a little lighter, wider, and allow easier lateral movements without the added pressure on the knees.
  2. TRX Class – Running Shoes. The handles on the TRX straps can sometimes be used for feet. Think Suspended Planks. Cross trainers typically slide right through. Make sure your class is TRX not Circuits with TRX infused. Lateral movements may be used during circuits.
  3. Yoga – Barefoot. If you are in a fusion class or a power’s 20’s, keep your shoes light and try to keep the shoes on the floor, not the mat. There are yoga socks with grippers if you are uncomfortable being barefoot. There is a new line of yoga shoes which allow more movements as well.
  4. Barre – Barefoot. Not only is your balance better when gripping the floor with a bare foot, your feet will build strength. After increasing my time doing barre and yoga barefoot, my feet are stronger, my balance is better, my calves look and feel better AND I am able to wear my high heels without pain that I previously had. Little Black Dress Ready!
  5. Weight Lifting – FLAT. Chuck Taylors are a great pick. Cross Trainers work well for me. Easy to go from weight training to group fitness. There are weight lifting specific shoes if you are weight lifting only.

Game On!



Is a 10 minute workout even worth it?



When you work out smarter, 10 minutes is plenty of time! I often hear people say that it so hard to find the time to exercise. I totally understand that considering my very busy life! The key to getting the most out of that very quick workout is the quality of the exercises. I recently blogged about HIIT workouts, this type of exercise has obvious benefits in 10 minutes. Tabata training was meant to be a workout for the maximum time of 4 MINUTES! In fact, when the workout was first designed the athletes were able to push their intensity to have the 4 minutes of high intensity training burn calories for over 24 hours post workout! Unbelievable! Obviously that is tough to do unless you are with the right trainer or have the fitness knowledge to get to that level of anaerobic exercise.

However, it is very beneficial to not only get your HIIT workout in your routine, but other forms of training as well. Lifting, toning and stretching are not to be forgotten! I suggest to clients and friends to go for quality. Get your unbelieve HIIT workout in and maybe if you have an extra 10 minutes in the evening or afternoon go for yoga or hit the weights.

When I first opened my studio my other trainers and clients were not used to 30 minute personal training sessions. If you know how to make the most out of your 30 minutues, you should see results. Without a doubt!

If you have 10, 20, 30 or 60 minutes, get the most out of your time by choosing the right workout, getting variety in your routine, and moving out of your comfort zone.

Game On!


Eating Healthy While Traveling… Is it Possible?!

chicagosummer chicagomall smoothieupclose

I recently went on a 2 day trip for a fitness conference. We drove 5 hours in the car and almost immediately I felt as if I should be indulging in “vacation foods.” Wasn’t sure if I was hungry or tired of driving, but food was the first thing on my mind. Eating fast food on the way to a fitness conference seemed to be hypocritical to say the least!

I had a trainer with me that has amazing nutritional sense. I knew I could get through the temptations with her. I recognized the triggers and the fixes for unhealthy eating. After we drank our waters we pulled off for a bag of almonds. When we arrived in Chicago we we ready for Chicago pizza!  Although we could have both eaten a deep dish by ourselves by the time we got out of the car, we ordered a small Chicago Style pizza and filled it with veggies. It was amazing! The salad came with their famous house dressing that I enjoyed almost as much as the pizza.

We did a little (maybe a lot) of shopping in between our barre seminar and fitness expo. Since time was more than limited, we found this amazing smoothie bar in the mall. Two “Super Fit” smoothies later, we were back on track for class. They even had wheat wraps with chicken that were really filling and surprisingly yummy! We found a local grocery store and picked up Greek Yogurt, granola, and some fruit for the morning. I ate the granola throughout the seminar. Nine hours of fitness is a long time for sure.

I made it back home without the dreaded vacation food guilt. In fact, if I had made other choices I knew that next day of teaching classes would have been brutal.

Healthy Eating Travel Tips:

  1. Keep Hydrated! Hunger is often mistaken for thirst.
  2. Proteins keep you feeling fuller longer.   Make smart choices!
  3. Eat the local foods, but make it a healthy version.
  4. Plan ahead and don’t forget breakfast. That hotel refrigerator is there for a reason.

Game On!


The real reason Group Exercise is effective!

lbdclass BET_0856

Group Exercise used to mean leg warmers, grape vines, and competition. I remember putting on makeup and making sure my hair was just right for class and I was the instructor! Group Fitness in 2015 is friendship, support, and family.

Getting that text from your friend, spouse, or maybe even the instructor that invites you to join him/her in class can really make a difference in your fitness success. Looking around during a group fitness class seeing the different fitness levels and modifications that people make to make sure his/her workout is safe and effective is comforting.   Flipping the tire with people maybe you didn’t know weeks earlier cheering you on may be the change in your life you need. Kind of awesome to think…last week I was on the couch at this moment!

For me group fitness has turned into family. I love looking around my studio and feeling support from people I would never have known without my Game On Fitness home. Sometimes…even the strongest of instructors need a little smile to get through the push – ups and planks.

So today I am feeling blessed, grateful, and honored because so many of you have made Group Fitness your workout, too. Thank you for pushing me, trusting me, and giving me my home.


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